Precision. Each dress form is manufactured to exacting specifications, customer sizes, obtained from the body or measurements of the customer.
Softness. The surface of the dress forms can be made of soft polyurethane foam, which allows you to fasten the elements of the sewing product right during the fitting, fix the fabric with pins, and if necessary, it can even be pulled together with a corset to form the necessary bends.
Lines. Cotton cover with applied design lines – this is your clue on the way to a perfectly tailored product. It will be easier for you to design clothes, besides, you can check the evenness of the lines directly on the dress form.
In full growth. You see and evaluate not only how the clothes looks on the figure, but you can take height into account. This kind of dress form simplifies fitting.
Materials. Dress forms are made of soft polyurethane foam, which withstands heat and moisture well. You can steam your items while measuring and easily correct creases.
Stand. Cast iron telescopic stand on wheels with lock. Place the dress form where you need it! Move it to places where better lighting, fix the height and movements around you. It’s convenient and saves you time!


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  • NANCY dress form is not just a tool. It's about finding inspiration from what makes you unique. To unleash your creativity when tailoring a handmade wardrobe, you must match the image with who you really are. To Discover what it really means to be with yourself is an amazing journey that we all deserve.

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