NANCY DRESS FORM is unique, one of a kind. And It`s made for you and cannot be used by anyone else. Therefore, it cannot be returned or exchanged.
If you receive your dress form and find that it is bigger or smaller than you, then rest assured we will work to fix that.

Nancy dress form is made in the glorious city of Dnipro in Ukraine!

If your weight loss or gain is insignificant and concentrated in certain places, then this brings us back to the techniques used by the mistresses of typical dress forms. Namely, to minor build-ups using batting, shoulder pads, and other materials. But as our experience shows, the skeleton, shoulders, neck position and body position rarely change, so changes in weight are very easy to control simply by the size of the gains in certain places.
However, it is important to consider that if you regularly experience large changes in your weight, a personal dress form may not be the right option for you.

It will depend on when you make this decision. If the scan was carried out, but work on the model has not yet begun, we will refund you 100% of the prepayment minus the cost of the body scan service ($ 250 if the scan was carried out in Dnipro and 500 $ if the scan was in another city). Once you have approved your 3D model, the sale is final because the next step is production.

We are 100% committed to creating a high quality product to help you create your favorite clothes. We are here to resolve any issues, so please feel free to contact us if you have any doubts about our integrity!

Yes, the stand is included in the price of the dress form. You will be able to choose one of the available stand options:
A. metal light stand
b. cast iron telescopic foot stand
V. cast iron rack in the neck for full-length dress forms

Payment is made in three stages:
Stage 1: 10% of the order amount is paid at the stage of signing the contract.
Stage 2: 40% – on the day of scanning.
Stage 3: 50% is paid after the manufacture of the dress form and before sending it to the Customer.

We are 100% committed to creating a high quality tool to help you create your favorite clothes. We are here to resolve any issues, so please feel free to contact us if you have any doubts!”

If you live in Ukraine, then we will cover all expenses. With clients from other countries, we will choose individually. We will also take care of the quality packaging of your NANCY dress form.

Each form is individually made to order and assembled by hand in our workshop. Therefore, the execution of the order takes from 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the configuration. We will keep you informed of any delays. We appreciate your patience! But, also, please note that the speed of order fulfillment also depends on your feedback)

Nancy dress forms are very light (most weigh up to 5 kg), so you can easily carry it to and from storage. The dress form is best stored in the shade, because polyurethane foam does not like sunlight. A dress form made of polystyrene foam should not be stored near heating appliances, it may melt.

Of course! That’s why we make it out of polyurethane foam. It’s very convenient!
Caution: Keep your dress form away from open flames or extreme heat. Polyurethane foam is flammable!

We use polyurethane foam, which holds its shape well, but can also compress, like a tight sofa)). Unlike traditional dress forms with a cardboard or even plastic base covered with batting, you can insert pins directly into the dress form at any angle.
We can also make a styrofoam dress form (it’s a little cheaper), but this material deprives your dress form of one of the main qualities: wet heat treatment on it!

Yes, you can. It will cost $500. After scanning, you will receive an STL model. But please note that this model will not be processed and detailed.
Also, having your scan, you can order a dress form from us within two months!

A personal dress form is made based on the results of a 3D scan of the human body. Therefore, it repeats the shape and proportions of the body one to one, unlike any standard or adjustable dress form. However, dear customers, you must understand that the dress form will not be just you. (You are a Human (It’s Foam.) Here are some factors that can cause slight differences between your current body shape and your dress form:
1. Breath. While the scan is taking place, you will need to breathe. This adds about an inch to your waist and a little less to your bust size. In the process of working on a three-dimensional model, we can easily set the volume that you want.
2. Daily changes in body size. You are not a fixed size, even during the day. Everyone retains water, bloats, eats a little more, eats a little less each day.
3. Posture. Your posture can significantly affect your measurements, and it changes. When we scan, we recommend that you stand in a natural, upright posture that mimics the position of your body when taking measurements for garment construction.
4. Polyurethane foam is not the same as the human body. In some places you are much softer than sofa upholstery! You can breathe, wear tight clothes, and the clothes can hold you like a corset. Therefore, at first, you will need to get used to working with an individual mannequin a little.

After the conclusion of the contract, you will receive detailed instructions for scanning. 

Scanning is absolutely harmless to human health. You stand in the center of the room, and our specialist walks around you with a scanner. Please prepare to stand still for a while.

Stages of creating a NANCY dress form and payments procedure (extract from the contract):
Stage 1: Signing the contract and drawing up specifications. Coordination of the design, configuration and materials of the Product. Payment by the Customer of an advance payment in the amount of 10% of the total cost of the contract.
Stage 2: The Contractor organizes a room for further scanning of the Customer.
Stage 3: Scanning the Customer. Payment by the Customer of 40% of the cost of the Product.
Stage 4: After 2 weeks from the date of scanning, the Contractor sends the Customer a photo of the 3D model of the Product. At this stage, the dimensions and configuration of the Product are agreed between the parties.
Stage 5: After the manufacture of the Product in full, the Contractor photographs the Product and sends these photos to the Customer. Thus, the Contractor confirms the readiness of the Product for shipment. The balance under the contract in the amount of 50% is paid by the Customer to the Contractor no later than two calendar days from the date of notification of the latter about the readiness of the Product for shipment.
Stage 6: Packing and delivery.

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