Personal 3D avatars.

портновский манекен по своей фигуре
манекен на индивидуальную фигуру

Personal 3D avatars.

Even the most atypical figure can be designed clothes, that fit and fit flawlessly. All you need is to get your 3D-avatar from Nancy Dressform! Thanks to the most precise photogrammetry and 3D scanning technologies, all the smallest the features of the figure will be accurately conveyed on the avatar. How about you the designer does not have to adjust the patterns – you can immediately build them individually on the avatar. That dress form is much more accurate than standard virtual dress forms from 0ptitex or Cl03D, because it directly displays your figure.

Price: Starts from $150 and depends on the scanning location and detalization


  • Dnipro, Ukraine
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  • NANCY dress form is not just a tool. It's about finding inspiration from what makes you unique. To unleash your creativity when tailoring a handmade wardrobe, you must match the image with who you really are. To Discover what it really means to be with yourself is an amazing journey that we all deserve.

    Yana Dobroserdova

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