Who we are? Who is our team?

Yana Dobroserdova

Project Manager

You know, it seems to me, that every person has it`s own talent. There are obvious talents, such as musical, artistic, which are revealed in our childhood. But there are those, that you begin to realize well a little later))
How I always envied talented people! It seemed to me, that here they are, the lucky ones! They know they are the best.
But now I’m among the best, because I found it ..! Found my talent. I just see .. I see talents, I feel them! Here is my talent!

My team are passionate, courageous, energetic people. The people who live each dress form, put their soul into it. I love them, I trust them and I know that we are a super team of professionals!


  • Dnipro, Ukraine
  • +380960288866
  • hello@nancy.com.ua
  • NANCY dress form is not just a tool. It's about finding inspiration from what makes you unique. To unleash your creativity when tailoring a handmade wardrobe, you must match the image with who you really are. To Discover what it really means to be with yourself is an amazing journey that we all deserve.

    Yana Dobroserdova

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